Local Laws

paperworkThe City of Rocklin has numerous documents that will pertain to the Sierra Gateway Apartments. In fact, these local laws are what the rules for our city.  The three most relevant to the City of Rocklin include:

  • Rocklin General Plan
    The General Plan is the blueprint for how a city grows and develops.  It guides where the parks will go, where the houses will go and at what density, how big to make the streets, how much infrastructure to put in place and where, etc.  There are specific elements required by state law to include, such as: Land Use, Population, Circulation (Transportation), Parks, etc.
  • Rocklin Land Use and Zoning Maps
    These maps show where the different types of land uses are allowed.  For example, the zoning maps may prohibit a rock quarry from being adjacent to an elementary school.  The land uses must be compatible with one another.  Commercial, residential, industrial, parks/open space, cemeteries, etc. are a few different types of uses covered in these maps.
  • Rocklin Municipal Code
    The Municipal Code covers all aspects of city regulation.  These are the laws that are enacted and enforced by a jurisdiction.

ConstructionIt is important to note that these documents must be internally consistent with one another.  There are also other documents that may be critical to the Sierra Gateway Apartments project, including:

  • Rocklin Building Codes and Standards
    These codes and standards set the requirements for how construction is to occur.  For example, what types of construction material can be used, where an air conditioner unit can or can’t be located, how far from the ground a bottom level window can be located, etc.
  • Tree Preservation Ordinance
    The City has decided through an ordinance that oak trees have special value.  This ordinance is meant to balance the preservation and development.
  • Rocklin CAP
    In light of legislation from the mid-2000s, many cities have opted to create a Climate Action Plan which outlines ways in which the City will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.  The City of Rocklin adopted its Plan in April 2011 and offers alternatives on how to reduce emissions.
  • Statewide Water Restrictions
    Governor Brown has declared a statewide drought and required the reduction of residential water use by an average of 25%. Rocklin was required to reduce its water use by  a minimum of 25%, however, the Placer County Water Agency is requiring a 30% reduction.