Project Description

Sierra Gateway ApartmentsThe original development plan included a proposal to build a 197-unit, 3-story multi-family apartment complex, the new development proposes 195 units (2 units less). View the new application on the City’s website.

Quick Facts

  • The project includes 195 units, a community pool, community room and leasing office on 10 acres. (See the image/rendering from the application below)
  • It is located at the southeast corner of Sierra College Blvd. and Rocklin Rd. in the City of Rocklin.
  • The property is zoned Planned Development 20 dwelling units per acre (PD-20). The General Plan designation is High Density Residential (HDR).
  • An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is currently being drafted for the project.  The Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report was released in March 2016 with a comment deadline of April 22, 2016.
  • The Public Hearing Notice for the Planning Commission meeting was released in October for the Tuesday, November 7th hearing. The Commission voted 3-2 to recommend approval of the project to the City Council.
  • The Public Hearing Notice for the City Council meeting was released in December for the Tuesday, December 12th hearing.  The City Council voted unanimously to approve the project.


Application Image