Learn How the Project Will Impact You

Will the Project Impact Me? Yes.

If you live in the City of Rocklin or even neighboring communities of Loomis or Granite Bay, the proposed Sierra Gateway Apartments project has the very real potential of impacting you, your family, and your community.

While the Environmental Impact Report will reveal more details on specific subjects, here is a short list of the known project’s impacts:

  • Your quality of life will be reduced

    More high density houses mean more people, more cars, longer lines, and more children per classroom.

  • Your commute time will increase

    The project estimates with its 195 new units more than 1300 more car will be added to the local roads.  You can expect longer wait times at signals and turning into/out of your neighborhood and this addition of cars spills onto other streets too.

  • Your privacy may be reduced

    Adjacent neighbors have a maximum of two story homes, this project proposes three story buildings. This is inconsistent with surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Your protected oak trees will be cut down

    The proposal would remove the majority of the established oak woodlands–more than 300 mature trees.  This is in direct conflict with the City’s Tree Preservation Ordinance.

  • Your air quality will decrease

    Trees that presently convert carbon dioxide to oxygen will be removed from the project site to make room for apartments. Onsite grading and vehicular emissions will be introduced.  Residents with asthma and respiratory problems may have the most difficulty.

The Environmental Impact Report will provide more details, but the project as proposed has serious consequences for the community.  We encourage you to get involved and donate.