How YOU Can Get Involved

In our last email, we covered the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and its three basic tenants (analysis, disclosure, and input).

Commenting on the EIR is a critical step in the process.  Only items that have been raised can be challenged in the future.  In other words, in order to fight something specific like traffic concerns, the actual impacts need to be brought up during public comment.  There will be two more opportunities to comment–when the Draft EIR and Final EIR are released.

The Sierra Gateway Apartment projects is undergoing CEQA’s most detailed review, called an Environmental Impact Report.  If you have specific expertise on topics like: water, water quality, fire, public safety, traffic, biology, air quality, geology, etc.  We could use your help when commenting on the EIR.  Instead of having to pay for experts to comment on the EIR–you can be our local expert.

Email us if you are able to help volunteer your expertise.

We mentioned in our last email, the City is limiting its EIR to a select few topics, which we’ve challenged, but here is the initial list: aesthetics, air quality, biological resources, and transportation.

We have legal counsel assisting with this effort.  Your help and your donations especially allow us to remain fully engaged in this process.  Please consider a generous donation to support this important work.